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Devnentglobal (Digital Marketing Agency) is a leading online learning institution specialized in helping students and professionals prepare for a career in Digital Marketing or to upgrade their skill level. It has partnered with DMI – The Digital Marketing Institute, which has set the global standard in Digital Marketing education with internationally recognized accreditation and certification. Digital Marketing training and courses offered at Devnetglobal are created by leading experts from around the world and are consistently updated to reflect current trends, technologies and industry best practices.


About Digital Marketing Corporate Training at devntglobal

Our customized training is carefully designed to meet each group’s specific needs. In order to achieve this we use several methods which allow us to provide the best Digital Marketing training possible: In close collaboration with your team, we ensure that the learning experience is customized to meet the needs of
all the participants.

Our Digital Corporate Training content is developed and created by Digital and Social Media marketing experts who work in agencies and are required to keep up with all of the most recent industry best practices, strategies and updates.

Whether you have a small team that needs to start their training from scratch or a large marketing team that simply requires upgrading their Digital and Social Media marketing skills, Devnetglobal Corporate Training has been carefully developed to meet your goals.

We also know that as a marketing professional or a business person, you don’t have months to learn how to do your job. Time is of the essence. You are expected to deliver results quickly. Stay ahead of the Digital Transformation curve. Arm your corporate team or marketing professionals with the most updated Digital and Social Media marketing skills available and help your organization grow its online revenue and Digital presence

Why businesses need digital marketing training
Digital is revolutionary

Digital is revolutionary. Consumers are being enabled every day by search engines and social media to make informed buying decisions. Today, 1 in 8 consumers conduct their research online before making their purchase. 1 in 7 consumers have also admitted to making a decision about what they are buying before speaking to a sales representative in-store.

Adaptation is a must

Adapting to current trends in the digital world is no longer an option for businesses. However, not all business owners and marketers are ready for it. Over 75% of marketers and business owners admit to not being able to keep up with the transformations because marketing has changed more in the past two years than it has in the last fifty years.

Stay ahead of the curve

Continual upgrading of digital skills is therefore vital. Businesses that engage consumers with innovative Digital Marketing strategies will find it easier to convert business, build brand awareness, generate cost savings, retain marketing and communication staff and drive revenues.

All Digital Marketing training sessions are customized to the needs of your organization. Topics that we can cover in the digital training include: